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Energy services organizations face a variety of challenges, including environmental concerns, energy information technology modernization and government regulation. To address and tackle these challenges, many organizations choose to implement modernization initiatives, business process transformation and “smart” technology to gain a competitive edge, increase productivity and enhance their flexibility and reliability.

We support all major segments of the energy and utilities industry.  

Our comprehensive position ensures we offer you unmatched industry perspective and cost-effective energy IT solutions that optimize your value chain. We provide tailored solutions for clients in oil and gas, utilities and energy alternatives.

Solutions for Energy Services Organizations

Drawing on the insight we’ve gained through experience, TEKsystems Energy Services empowers nearly 300 energy, oil, gas and utility clients annually to effectively address ever-evolving technology, industry and workforce demands.

Oil and Gas Technology

oil and gas

Alternative Renewable Energy Technology


Technology for Utilities


What Makes Us Different

TEKsystems leverages industry best practices and years of practical field experience to deliver consistently successful outcomes to our more than 6,000 clients annually. We ensure superior project execution and governance by deploying the right services, processes and methodologies to address our clients’ specific business needs. Aligning our delivery managers’ performance incentives with our clients’ delivery goals, we work to clearly define and meet expectations with precision and a dedication to excellence.
With a rapidly changing technology landscape, companies need to be flexible in order to keep pace with evolving business demands. TEKsystems’ Quality-Cost-Risk (QCR) value framework allows us to proactively understand our clients’ business needs and easily scale our delivery framework to adjust to changes in size and scope as project needs increase or decrease in complexity.
To meet both the financial and business objectives of each engagement, TEKsystems offers adaptable, cost-conscious service delivery solutions that include proactive resource planning, superior recruiting and deployment of high-performing teams that facilitate optimum levels of utilization and productivity. Our flexible solutions allow our delivery teams to leverage lessons learned from similar engagements to achieve superior results.
TEKsystems has access to a talented global workforce and unparalleled industry expertise. Using our proprietary processes to screen, onboard, train and performance manage qualified IT professionals, our more than 3,000 recruiters can quickly identify and assemble high-performing teams that help organizations decrease time to productivity and increase client focus on core activities.
Using scalable delivery models, TEKsystems Global Services® delivers project-based, outsourced and managed IT services.

Drawing from our unique perspective into our clients’ needs and our extensive TEKsystems network, we design effective and reliable IT services that incorporate proven components of our Global Services suite, including applications, infrastructure and learning solutions.
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