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Context is Illumination

A distinct picture emerges when you look closely at the sum of its parts. That’s why we contemplate context. Dive into details. Track trends. Our experts are steeped in your industry and the competition so we can help you forge ahead with keenly crafted strategies.


of tech companies will have AI initiatives by 2020


of financial services firms are working on or planning blockchain projects


of healthcare IT leaders expect to spend more on security in 2018

Financial Services

Change is money, and our financial services experts know it. We work with you to transform how you capitalize on data and trends, secure information and comply with evolving regulations—all in the name of improving customer experience and market share.

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We tailor networks and connect devices that harness the power of data and people. Our engineering expertise enables custom IT solutions that help you manage projects, meet demands and push the limits of next-gen communications capabilities.

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Connected governments are effective governments. Whether you’re rolling out programs, giving citizens a platform to be heard, or competing for talent and resources, it’s all about transforming your services and bolstering mission-critical priorities.

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Thinking In High-Def

Our experts strategically lead and support IT services and talent needs across dozens of markets:


Maximize the opportunities you provide in and out of the classroom by harnessing the power of today’s cutting-edge technologies. We work with academic institutions to drive modernization, gain insight into student behaviors and support critical campuswide IT initiatives.


Efficiently and effectively employing data is the driving force in getting people where they need to be. From managing fleet maintenance and optimizing routes to predicting rider impact, our solutions keep your riders on track.


Consumer appetites and attention spans are always shifting. We work with brands to rethink—and readjust in real time—the personal, intuitive ways they surprise and delight customers.

Media and Entertainment

Audiences demand on-demand service to exceed their expectations. We work with companies to scale quickly, adapt intelligently and connect seamlessly.


Delighting your guests isn’t a new idea. How technology amplifies your efforts is. The best brands use technology to provide smooth passage and memorable experiences for travelers, whether they’re booking a room or exploring the town.


From streamlining product life cycles and innovating with intelligent applications to getting ahead of demand and making the most of your resources, we build solutions that redefine what it means to deliver in real time.

Energy and Utilities

High-stakes organizations need high-energy partners. As masters of connection and collaboration, we bring momentum to your plans to reduce costs and downtimes, improve time-to-market and optimize your supply chain. It would be our pleasure to find the end-to-end solution that fits your field and back-end operations to a T.

Additional Industries

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Food and Beverage
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Chemicals
  • Construction
  • Insurance
  • Metals and Mining
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Real Estate

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