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A Story of Owning Change

Smarter Support

An eye on efficiency, our healthcare client lowers IT support costs to better invest in
accessibility, affordability, safety and quality


increase in service desk resolution rate


improvement in desktop support productivity


savings in total cost of ownership productivity

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Owning CHANGE in healthcare

As the largest healthcare insurer in the Mid-Atlantic serving over 3.2 million members, our client is focused on innovation and efficiency—redefining healthcare to improve the quality of outcomes.

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The Proposition: Fuel growth through efficiency

Our client prioritizes people, which is why they’re heavily investing in accessibility, affordability, safety and quality of healthcare. To further power their growth, they’re leveraging technology to lower costs, while raising their quality of support. With a new shift-left strategy focused on transformation and smart utilization of artificial intelligence, they needed a partner who could jumpstart their vision: improve access and patient experience for their consumers and improve end-user experience through digital transformation.

Together, we're on a mission to make our client's IT strategy a reality—including helping to eliminate $7 million in IT infrastructure and support costs over three years.

Our proposal: Smart streamlining

Our client’s service desk supports over 7,000 end users plus millions of members across the Mid-Atlantic, resulting in approximately 20,000 contacts a month. While employee productivity was important, service to employees and members was paramount. Efficiently satisfying the end user’s need to get them back to work or navigate a health-related situation was put first.

Not only did the transition of services to TEKsystems need to be seamless, our support model needed to be smart. Together in lockstep with our Dynamic Workplace Services team, they looked to leverage an off-shore solution center for level 1 service desk support, upskill a workplace support team and tap into the power of technologies like ServiceNow, Nice in Contact ACD/IVR and the TEKsystems.sAIge virtual assistant to accelerate learning and service.

Powerful partnership: Pivoting amid a pandemic

Two weeks post go-live, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. In a moment of uncertainty and massive change, we helped our client pivot. Within a week, our service desk went to 100% remote work. Leading a paradigm shift from physical desktop support to remote support during COVID-19, we successfully transitioned from an on-site distribution model to a “warehouse” shipping model with minimal impact. Now, 75% of our field technicians are working off site, and those working on site are equipped with personal protective equipment and educated on social distancing and safety measures. Amidst a highly complex workplace support transition and a global healthcare crisis, we provided stability—activating an IT support-from-home business continuity plan to meet an elevated demand.

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Real-world Results

Partners, end-to-end. From digital service desk, application support, field services, engineering and mobility, and automation and analytics, we’re helping our client achieve new heights in customer satisfaction and efficiency through dynamic workplace services.

So far, we’ve helped them hit 40% of their IT savings support goal—approximately $2.8 million in reduced total cost of ownership and increased productivity. We reduced the average speed of answer from 8 minutes to 1 minute, 23 seconds, which equates to approximately more than $42,000 in increased work productivity a month, and $500,000 annually. Before we took over, it took an average of 44 hours to resolve an incident; today, it takes half as long at approximately 19 hours. The differential of 25 hours over the course of the month equates to $3.2 million increase in work productivity.

Improving efficiency and saving money—all while satisfying end users, resulting in an 87% customer satisfaction rate and an increase in resolution by 51%. Not to mention, we helped clear a massive backlog of tickets within 30 days and increased productivity by 92%.

Once we hit legendary service, how do we maintain and sustain? Optimization through innovation. So far, we’ve expanded tool access for the service desk, such as remote control lead, which has increased resolution. Further, we’re looking to virtual assistants, self-healing and self-help strategies. By leveraging operational dashboards for real-time monitoring and insight on current and past trends and workloads, our client can make data-backed decisions to drive further efficiency and cost savings via their IT support. Working smarter, together.

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