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A Story of Owning Change

Streaming into the New

Nearly 50% increase of subscribers year over year

a woman watching media and entertainment on her iPad

Owning change in media and entertainment

Whether it’s binge watching TV and movies or device hopping, consuming media and entertainment has never been easier—or in demand. As consumer appetites for content grows, so does the competition among providers. While viewers only need to worry about which device they’re going to use, video streaming companies are challenged with keeping up and keeping viewers happy—and ultimately building loyalty that sticks.

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The proposition:The big screen, reimagined

As a leading advertising driven video on demand service provider, our client brings their customers premium entertainment experiences, no matter the location or device. They gear up for tomorrow, today. Which is why they decided to scale their QA testing and capacity planning to ensure a seamless customer experience.

Our proposal:Oscar-worthy performance

Transformative testing. We partnered with our client to increase their testing capacity and coverage to drive higher efficiency and effectiveness. By assisting them with automated testing efforts—including historical regression testing—their manual testing efforts were more targeted and effective, reducing overall costs. Plus, by introducing DevOps into their continuous testing process, they’ve been able to identify more defects earlier in their cycles, minimizing overall risk in their organization. A framework built for quality—and quantity.

Powerful partnership:A cinematic collaboration

A collaboration between our testing team and the client’s engineers meant peak performance—and customer experience—without compromise. We helped our client enable further evolution and continuous improvements by remaining flexible and working to understand their organizational culture and goals. The result: our client’s engineering footprint has increased, allowing their platform to stay reliable and roll out additional services at speed.

a blurry image of media and entertainment shows

Real-world Results

That anticipated season finale or crush of hot premieres? No problem. With a powerhouse testing capability and automated testing strategy, our client continues to deliver the highest quality, most reliable streaming services. Viewers can access the most anticipated episodes and movies without issue or delays. Elevating customer experiences and elating users: our client increased their total number of subscribers by nearly 50% year over year. That’s a wrap.

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