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Lumentum: What a View

A story of owning change

Newfound operational transparency and agility through the cloud

Reduced Design2Scale time by


Reduced field returns by


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As a manufacturer of innovative optical and photonic products, Lumentum is enabling next-generation capabilities for a broad spectrum of consumer electronic applications. They’re used to leading the pack—their laser sensor components powered the first high-volume 3D sensing gaming app.

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The proposition:Data needed now

Innovation never rests, business transformation is a necessity. To fuel new agility and exponential growth, Lumentum needed unprecedented transparency into their manufacturing data, with a holistic real-time view. They looked to the cloud.

Our proposal:A roadmap to the cloud

We rolled-up our sleeves, working with Lumentum to deliver a strategy for achieving their big data ambitions: collecting, analyzing and storing data from multiple source systems across their contract manufacturer landscape, and leveraging that data as an asset. Smarter operations through data science and statistical analysis.

Lumentum chose AWS as the core platform because of its big data powers; its ability to store petabyte-scale data is critical to handling the company’s data volume and accelerated generation. We implemented the scalable and integrated platform to produce an illuminating lens into Lumentum's end-to-end manufacturing process and day-to-day operations.

Robust functionality minus network connectivity outages. Our hub-and-spoke architecture, with AWS at the core, united a central data hub with local infrastructure (e.g., edge compute and analytics nodes) at the manufacturing plants to manage data volume, and enable analytics and knowledge generation to occur at the source. The nodes connect to a central location to provide information, but operate differently if the center systems lose connectivity.

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Powerful partnership: Solvents for today’s realities

Complex data projects are expensive and often fail to deliver the expected ROI. True value requires deep technical and business expertise.

In this case, partnership was the active ingredient. Together, we worked in lock-step. We mobilized a dedicated steering committee to gather, connect and synchronize input, thought leadership and integration activities. An Agile approach ensured quick validation of the solution stack and architecture, and helped identify and address hurdles, changes or course corrections early and quickly. We also tapped into our Big Data Center of Excellence in Hyderabad, running parallel pilots with the on-site team to fast-track learning, testing and development. Accelerated, executable solutions? That’s how we roll.

A great partnership between us, AWS and TEKsystems resulted in achieving the required manufacturing scalability in a shorter time frame, adding the innovative edge to our operation.

Sree Vaidyanathan Vice President of IT

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Real-world Results

Lumentum now has true, real-time visibility into the end-to-end manufacturing process. The ability to inform and expedite decision-making is making a real impact on their manufacturing and quality operations (e.g., catching quality issues earlier, driving down costs of returns and producing consistently high-quality products).

Competing with less risk, fewer costs and the ability to rapidly scale successful outcomes across facilities, Lumentum maintains their lead position in the high-tech manufacturing industry.

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