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Agile Transformation Services

Agile practices bring collaboration, feedback and continuous improvement to the development cycle, resulting in more responsive and adaptive organizations. Agile adoption, however, requires considerable planning and change management to be successful.

TEKsystems’ Agile transformation solutions include:

Knowledge Transfer Services

We work with you to assess your needs and offer training solutions that are tailored to each team, audience or organization. We can meet requirements for leadership, team or role-based Agile training and we leverage classroom, virtual or blended delivery models. Our expansive Agile course catalog and custom Agile classes address specific knowledge gaps and topics, and we can blend courses and content into real-time learning and coaching engagements.

Capability Development Services 

Businesses that adopt the Agile methodology can leverage our integrated team and topical Agile coaching solutions. Teams have the opportunity to learn new concepts (e.g., release planning, backlog management, sprint planning, retrospectives) and principles, see them in action and then practice what they’ve learned. Coaches integrate with delivery teams to provide hands-on support and address skill gaps in real time.

Asset Development Services

To successfully apply Agile practices, organizations must be self-sufficient: able to define their goals, and able to use solid and effective Agile practices to achieve those goals. You can systematically advance your efforts by partnering with TEKsystems to develop internal assets such as internal coaching programs, standard methods and technical practices. We work with your key stakeholders to understand and assess current frameworks, processes and standards; ascertain readiness and maturity; identify barriers to success; and determine which Agile methods and practices will help your organization meet its adoption goals.

Advisory Services

Through assessments, we gain perspective on your team’s or organization’s ability, willingness and capacity to practice Agile, and input on where you wants to go. We then develop a realistic, contextual roadmap that anticipates and addresses potential challenges. Leadership support is paramount to the success of Agile initiatives; leaders must understand Agile. We help garner input and buy-in from line-level employees to executives, creating an organization-specific implementation or transformation plan that paves the way for successful adoption.

Large-scale Agile Adoption for Enterprises

Agile transformations present several challenges and require a commitment to change management and capability development throughout the organization. A long-term, customized combination of all or some of our service offerings accelerates this process. We help you assess your current state, set transformation goals, identify key stakeholders, develop pilot teams and build a transformation roadmap, all of which can be done in conjunction with other elements of our service offering based on your specific adoption goals.

We help with all aspects of Agile:

  • Transformation
  • Organizational change management
  • Delivery platform
  • Integrated team coaching
  • Internal coaching programs
  • Assessment
  • Formation

The Value We Bring

We stand out from our competitors because we are able to meet the needs of the full spectrum of Agile adoption. Our objective is to help your organization deliver business value faster, acting as a catalyst to launch and support the adoption process until it reaches critical mass, becoming self-sustaining and self-sufficient.

We work with each client to define success up front and tailor our approach to efficiently deliver those results. We support adoption in the context of your unique development environment, offering an approach that is holistic, consultative and personalized. We understand there is more than one way to use Agile to attain results, so we recommend the most appropriate methods based on the circumstances of your organization, project and product.

We apply measurements to our engagements that build valuable metrics that we synthesize, analyze and apply to future engagements. This creates standards that generate predictable, measurable results we can use as benchmarks for continuous improvement in our own development practices, as well as deliver greater business value and ROI for our clients.

We have offices in over 100 locations across North America, Europe and Asia. We have the ability to source local talent for on-site services for co-located teams and offer solutions for globally distributed teams. Our expertise allows us to configure the appropriate solution for your environment.

How We Partner With You

TEKsystems provides a holistic approach to implementing Agile methodologies by focusing on all levels of the organization. We assure a top-down Agile alignment that works in combination with our team training and coaching.

  1. Assessment: We assess the readiness and baseline skill set of your organization, delivery team, management or leadership team.
  2. Pilot Project(s): Whether for enterprise adoption or product team engagements, we recommend a pilot project to test the approach and current state of readiness.
  3. Organizational Expansion: When the goal is a larger or complete adoption, the next step is to strategically expand our reach into the organization and delivery teams.
  4. Sustainability: Once metrics are in place and teams or organizations have met their adoption goals, it’s time to decrease reliance on external support. 
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