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Ventech Solutions: Leaving a Legacy

A story of owning change

Ventech Solutions helps clients scale to new heights of performance and lower costs via ServiceNow


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users trained through virtual and in-person training


customer satisfaction with ServiceNow

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Ventech Solutions, a software company with expertise in the deployment and management of end-to-end IT life cycles, produces high-impact, high-quality results for clients in government, healthcare, national defense and commercial production.

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The proposition: Holistic healthcare in action

Best-in-class service and solutions. Acceleration of time to market. Innovation. Ventech Solutions delivers results for their clients. So, when a large healthcare organization sought to migrate their legacy IT service management (ITSM) platform to ServiceNow, Ventech Solutions stepped up to the challenge. Their client envisioned ServiceNow as the solution to automate a unique way to enhance their quality payment program, improve case management and program processes. Legacy IT migration alone is complex—and the atypical use of ServiceNow introduced an additional complexity that required specialized ServiceNow experience. Enter TEKsystems.

Our proposal: An Rx for a better roadmap

Together, we aligned to create a strategic roadmap and solution architecture that would successfully migrate the healthcare company’s IT system from Remedy to ServiceNow. With speed and agility, we drove communications, stakeholder management, resistance management and end-user adoption—ultimately impacting the way their client provides service.

Powerful partnership: Beyond the technology

Migration, complete. Filling niche technical gaps through our partnership helped Ventech Solutions meet their client’s goal. But we didn’t stop there—we brought a holistic perspective to enhance processes and organizational change management (OCM). System integration is about more than just technology—it’s also about people. We provided OCM mentoring and shadowing to ensure a successful adoption in a self-sustaining way.

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Real-world Results

Fueled by subject matter know-how and delivery expertise, we helped Ventech Solutions implement ServiceNow to 4,500 stakeholders across multiple government contracts. Together, we trained more than 1,900 users through virtual and in-personal training on a variety of services, like ServiceNow portal, incident management, problem management, change management and security. Plus, we received 86% customer satisfaction through positive reports from new users on ServiceNow functionality, training, post go-live support and communications.

With our partnership, Ventech Solutions met their client’s needs on time while also lowering costs—and they’ve positioned their client to reach new heights of performance by scaling to meet business goals and demands. That’s a win-win-win. With a strategic framework for CSM, ITSM and OCM, Ventech Solutions and TEKsystems have equipped the end client to leverage ServiceNow in a way that is most meaningful for their business, which is delivering the best in quality healthcare.

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