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Change Management

Innovative companies have something in common beyond their ability to develop products and services that their customers want—they also have effective organizational change management (OCM). OCM is so critical to a company’s ability to innovate and evolve because it is what enables it to move from its present state to a desired future state.

TEKsystems OCM Services can help your organization through any type of change: technology, process, role or organizational. 

Having an OCM approach in place can help ease the stress and discomfort individuals experience during change; and by assisting an employee’s transition, OCM can also increase the organization’s rate of adoption.

Our services include:

Assessment and Consulting Services

When enacting change within your organization, it is imperative to have an accurate understanding of where you are and define where you want to be. Our Assessment and Consulting Services will help you gauge your organization’s OCM maturity and determine where you want to be as an IT organization in terms of OCM. We develop OCM strategies that include strategic organizational alignment, communication, executive and leader alignment, and recommendations to improve employee awareness and adoption.

Implementation and Enablement Services

Our Implementation and Enablement services focus on the four pillars of OCM: organizational alignment, communication, training, and leadership involvement and stakeholder engagement. Services may include development and execution of communications, development and delivery of training content, and an ongoing investment in developing internal competency and maturation. Our services are tailored to meet your specific business objectives.

Maintenance/Sustainment Services and Continuous Service Improvement (CSIP)

Through our Maintenance/Sustainment Services and CSIP we ensure that all changes comply with business and governance requirements, provide contingency plans to manage the level of resistance during and after an implementation, and improve the consistency and quality of the implementation process for new or changed services. These services may include reinforcement of key messages, realignment of leaders and sponsors and additional training opportunities. We also help build maturity around your organization’s capacity to change by building leadership and establishing processes.

How We Drive Business Outcomes

Our practice leadership possesses over 20 years of experience in OCM. Plus, our TEKsystems Global Services division is comprised of experts in applications, network infrastructure and learning development, enabling us to tap into specialized experience where required.
Dedicated to delivering realistic, customized solutions tailored to each client, TEKsystems serves as a strong and accountable partner.
We meet you at the service level you require, from providing skilled OCM resources, to managing an OCM team, to executing OCM for a specific project or building capacity within an organization.
TEKsystems is connected to a global network of IT professionals, including 81 percent of the IT workforce, allowing us to quickly assemble teams across a wide range of skills.
We work with you to derive maximum value from your technology investments, delivering custom solutions to meet your unique needs.
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