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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in IT

Breakthroughs and Barriers


Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in IT report examines perceptions about the scope and impact of DEI programs. We dive into the challenges and expose the bitter realities that continue to permeate the IT workplace.

Current State of DEI

Our research reveals a great number of genuine breakthroughs within DEI programs. Organizations are talking about DEI, and it appears to be having a positive effect. But are these positive perceptions just an illusion?

We examine the barriers that hinder sustained progress toward more inclusive and equitable IT workplaces.


of enterprise decision-makers report their DEI policies are advanced or mature


of IT leaders report DEI programs have a positive impact on business performance

A smiling diverse and inclusive group of employees sitting at a table

Barriers in IT

While 96% of IT workers, say leadership makes it clear that diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives are a critical aspect of company strategy, these programs are not creating inclusive workplaces for women in IT.

Much Work Remains to be Done

More effort is needed to positively impact careers and provide fair compensation for female IT workers.


say DEI programs have positively affected their career

2 out of 5

don’t believe they receive fair compensation for their work


It is not enough for organizations to declare they value DEI. They must make systemic changes that demonstrate their commitment to DEI and hold themselves accountable at all levels of the organization.

Work from where you are. When you first start out, the task can be overwhelming. You can start by focusing on workplace diversity. Recruit and retain people of diverse backgrounds and experiences and, most importantly, set goals for increased representation across various demographics.

Get the right mindset. Focus on enrolling a cross section of stakeholders to create your approach. But this isn’t simply a group of leaders making decisions. All employees should be invited to open and transparent dialogue about what’s important to them.

Break down processes. As you review your DEI strategies, look for the unintentional processes and business norms that can inadvertently affect equitable access to opportunity.

Secure senior leader support. Nothing is sustainable in any culture without leadership commitment. Diversity, equity and inclusion must be top priorities and treated by senior leaders as other clearly defined strategic business imperatives.

Look outside your organization. Your team members want to be part of an organization that has a great culture, and more and more that means being one that also invests outwardly into the communities where we all work and live. Choose organizations with a shared vision, find ways to partner with them and involve your team members in the process.


About the Report

This U.S. and Canada-based study, conducted by TEKsystems and YouGov, analyzes survey data related to diversity, equity and inclusion in IT. The survey, fielded in August and September 2022, includes perspective from 863 IT and HR professionals. Respondents include IT and HR decision-makers, IT employees and IT job seekers. The report explores the social-related DEI challenges and perspectives and their impact on the workplace.