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Invested in Talent:
Building a Diverse Workforce

A Story of Owning Change


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Owning Change in Equitable Healthcare

When you provide healthcare and health coverage to more than 145 million people worldwide, you can’t miss a beat when seeking qualified talent. There isn’t a uniform prescription for building highly skilled, diverse teams—the approach is tailored based on customer needs. In a market where the number of open tech jobs is six and a half times greater than the number of candidates available to fill the positions, our customer is on a mission to build robust, diverse teams regardless of the talent shortage.

*For consultants who've converted to full-time employees

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Not only has our rising talent been superior when compared to other ‘early career’ talent they have hired into our organization, but we’ve also seen our talent [from TEKsystems] become productive much faster.

– Chief of Staff

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Our customer is focused on providing a healthcare system that works for everyone, bringing quality care to the communities they serve. Innovative technology and skilled developers are critical to the company’s success. How did they scale their efforts? By creating a diverse workforce of full-stack Java engineers—from scratch.

The Challenge: Ramping up recruitment and ensuring retention

Building a diverse talent pipeline

As a trailblazer in the healthcare industry, our customer values sustainable growth. So, when business demands increased, they had to find a unique solution to scale their recruitment efforts. Leaders there know that fulfilling its mission requires developing a dynamic and dedicated workforce with a focus on attracting diverse talent. A diverse and inclusive workplace breeds increased creativity and innovation. They chose to team up with TEKsystems because our values are compatible.

Our Solution: Pilot program, customized cohorts

Not just a boot camp

TEKsystems matches customer values with candidates’ goals. We’ve been a trusted partner with this customer for 20+ years and have a dedicated crew of 12 recruiters nationwide who know the ins and outs of the company’s goals. Our inclusion, diversity and equity team built a recruiting strategy, and we hit the ground running with a cohort program that supported needs in multiple cities. In less than a month, we leveraged our diversity-driven and talent-mobilization expertise to tailor two signature 12-week full-stack Java boot camps with a total of 41 candidates—67% of whom were diverse by gender, race, disability and veteran status.

[My talent advocate manager] did all that she could to advocate for us and to be the face of compassion. TEKsystems truly launched my career in the tech field. I was able to get educated, get my foot in the door and change my life completely.

- Pilot participant

Powerful Partnership: Putting people first

Customer commitment leads to talent loyalty

The adage is true: People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Our customer chose to partner with us because at TEKsystems, we don’t just run boot camps, we build teams—cohorts of hand-selected candidates, who demonstrate drive and reliable work ethic and will thrive in a 12-week customized training program.

Upon graduation, our client required that candidates be placed across multiple teams and divisions, so they trusted our counsel to train, onboard and support the talent as a cohort. The company was so dedicated to the success of the trainees that it sent managers to attend classes, share the corporate vision and get to know the candidates on a personal and professional level during training. Their dedication escalated retention because the cohort cultivated comradery with each other and appreciated how invested the client was in their success.


  • We administered aptitude tests for admittance and screened candidates for the drive, passion and behaviors that align with the customer’s core values.
  • The training and talent advocacy teams led two 12-week boot camps, at no cost to participants, tailored for the customer’s environment to ensure they were job-ready.
  • Upon graduation, the program graduates integrated into teams and began their assignment.
  • The TEKsystems talent advocate manager provided support and coaching to ensure the consultants adjusted well and thrived in their new roles.

“Overall, the TEKsystems approach has been a resounding success. My area spun up a micro team with three folks from the program, and they have done fantastic work. They are energetic, eager and have the aptitude to learn quickly and produce results. We partnered them with a strong internal technical employee to help mentor them, and he has been impressed with their capacity to learn as they go.”

– IT leader who directly benefited from the talent development program

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Real-World Results

We surpassed the inclusion and diversity goal, recruiting qualified individuals, 67% of whom were diverse by gender, race, disability and veteran status. The customer’s goal was to add 30 well-trained individuals to their team, 60% of whom identified with a minority group. We exceeded the numbers. We recruited 41 candidates. Of that number, 40 candidates completed the boot camps, and the customer hired 39 contractors for a six-month contract-to-hire project. Ninety-seven percent of the contractors transitioned to full-time employees after six months.

The best part? The learning doesn’t end once they get placed on the job. Career pathways are endless because graduates of the program love learning, have a growth mindset and are motivated to learn new technologies.

Success breeds success: The pilot program worked so well that the customer expanded the program. We are currently working together to recruit, train and support an additional 300 contract-to-hire candidates.

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