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Power cloud modernization at speed with Google Anthos

How Google Anthos can help you leverage a managed and flexible approach to application modernization

Feb. 24, 2021 | By: Santhosh Velliangiri

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There’s no doubt that Google Anthos is a game-changer for the enterprise, which increasingly needs to manage the complexity of application development across hybrid and multicloud environments.

Anthos is more than a product. Rather, it’s a platform that provides a suite of services, all built on the foundation of Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), which orchestrates and manages containers as a service on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Anthos goes beyond traditional concepts of hybrid clouds to drive application modernization, with containers at the core.

Why Google Anthos?

As we see more enterprise applications migrate to the cloud, there is an increasing need to modernize those applications. For example, breaking down from large monolithic to microservices-based containers and leveraging cloud-native services have already solved some of the major problems that enterprises face.

This has led to an increase in hybrid applications running in the cloud, some running in on-premises that cannot be migrated, some running at the edge that are close to end users, some V-based, some container-based and—at times—some running in a multicloud environment. In addition, there are some edge cases where the enterprises need to run an instance of the application on-premises due to end-user constraints. The result: communications between applications have become more challenging, and the management of the hybrid applications has gotten more complex.

The Google Anthos platform provides a service fabric that can synchronize services and workloads and solve these challenges with a suite of services, like:

  • Anthos Migrate
  • Anthos GKE
  • Anthos Config
  • Anthos Service Mesh

Anthos Migrate can migrate applications running in VMs to containers without any code change and is often the first step in the process of application modernization. Anthos GKE, in addition to container orchestration, makes cluster management a lot easier with a single pane of glass across all clusters. Anthos Config helps with the centralized configuration management across all the clusters.

Anthos Service Mesh helps solve the communication problem between the enterprise applications. For example, if you have VMs running on AWS or Azure or on-premises, and you want to build services on GCP GKE. Anthos provides a service fabric that can synchronize services and workloads from pn-premises to GCP or from other cloud providers to GCP.

Additionally, this flexibility provides leverage to negotiate with cloud vendors and avoid overreliance upon a service provided by a single vendor—also referred to as vendor lock-in. For example, with Anthos, you can use a specific vendor to take advantage of incentives or cost advantages applied to specific services.

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Leverage a technology partner like TEKsystems to navigate Google Anthos

Anthos—a powerful but very complex technology—requires a governed approach. Partnering with experienced technology partners can help you innovate faster and smarter. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, TEKsystems can help provide a carefully built and nuanced Anthos solution that bridges any cloud provider. Together, we’ll help enable the scenarios that maximize flexibility, such as moving workloads either partially or their entirety, while helping to take advantage of financial incentives and enhance the outcome of failover scenarios.

Santhosh Velliangiri has 20 years of IT experience across IT engineering and operations, enterprise application development, and big data, and currently works as a TEKsystems cloud infrastructure and DevOps architect.