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Cloud Conquest

A Story of Owning Change

Our client partnered with TEKsystems to power a Google Cloud Platform migration for a cloud-first transformation.

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Owning Change in Healthcare

As a leading provider of healthcare IT solutions and services, our client’s number one mission is to improve the health of the communities they serve—connecting communities for a better patient care experience, all while improving the financial operations of their customers.

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The challenge: Cut through to the cloud

In any industry, keeping up with customer experience requires modernizing and securing innovative solutions to business problems. But when you’re in healthcare, it’s even more important to operate with scale, security and speed to deliver best-in-class patient care.

Empowered to become even more customer-centric, our client decided to migrate business critical workloads into Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The goal: embark on a cloud-first transformation, without impacting their end users.

Our solution: Partnership that’s always tuned in

Successful initiatives are propelled by the right combination of direction and execution. As a Google Cloud Premier partner, we tuned in to understand their full technology stack and provide consulting and advisory support around their migration activities to ensure they were successful—and mitigated risk. Working together, we helped our client migrate their infrastructure to GCP, while deploying and scaling containerized applications on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). From design to structure provisioning—we helped our client plan, build and optimize their GCP environment. Plus, leveraging our cloud and DevOps expertise, we armed our client with premium best practices for identity access management (IAM) security, GCP networking, autoscaling, containerization and monitoring.

Powerful partnership: Geared for tomorrow, today

Helping organizations achieve their goals is our goal. That’s why we don’t stop at the finish line—we stand ready to continue to partner side by side to activate your vision and transform your business.

Activated by their new GCP environment, our client had the additional opportunity to leverage Anthos, a modern application platform by Google Cloud. Together, we helped our client further install and configure Anthos—allowing our client to fuel greater application modernization, cloud enablement and multicloud management. We also provided training and knowledge transfer to our client team to generate new momentum and build in-house expertise.

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Real-world Results

Value, delivered. The completed migration to GCP on GKE, with the additional integration of Anthos, is already making significant business impacts for our client. With our support, our client successfully deployed multiple workloads into the cloud with minimal customer impact and significantly reduced strain on the organization’s infrastructure. The result? Less connectivity issues and reduced operating costs. Our client has successfully achieved scalability and durability of their new production environment, ultimately driving a cloud-smart strategy built for agility and a progressive, customer first approach.

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