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AWS Media and Entertainment Services

Captivating Consumers at Scale

In our fast-paced, hyper-connected world, viewers are hungry for content on any device, anytime, anywhere—from streaming platforms and smart TVs to internet, mobile applications and social media. Seize this opportunity by reinventing the way you create content. With TEKsystems, you can optimize your media supply chain, leverage data for monetization and increase audience attention across broadcast, direct-to-consumer and streaming platforms.

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Our approach

As an AWS Media and Entertainment Competency partner, we bring deep domain expertise and experience to transform and evolve your media strategy. Together, we can implement a robust data strategy, increase content monetization and maximize efficiency, powered by purpose-built capabilities and best practices laid out by AWS.

Our solutions

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Media Supply Chain and Archive

Take your media supply chain from legacy, on-premises hardware to the cloud. Modernize your processing, creation and distribution operations with centralized content storage.

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Direct-to-Consumer and Streaming

Get content into the hands of your consumers with applications and experiences that delight and deliver—on any device, any platform. Leverage our full-stack expertise to design, develop, enhance and deploy cloud-native consumer streaming applications.

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Data Science and Analytics

Translate data into better consumer experiences and better business decisions by measuring and analyzing audience data, integrating AI into media workloads and enabling personalization.

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Advertising Technology

Better advertising means understanding your consumers to reach them with the right message, at the perfect moment on any device or platform—while protecting consumer data. Consolidate linear and digital advertising inventory systems to grow ad revenue, optimize inventory and enable real-time analytics in your advertising. Develop and deploy consumer data platforms, identity graph solutions and data clean rooms to share data instantly and securely.

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Bring flexibility and resiliency to broadcast operations in the cloud. Raise the bar for video quality in every household while reducing latency or downtime with broadcast solutions built on AWS.

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Content Production

Focus on creation over administration or infrastructure while collaborating from virtual workstations. Create magic from anywhere with a high-speed internet connection.

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