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AWS Machine Learning Services

Business Insights, Activated

With developments in machine learning (ML) accelerating the speed of change, we meet you where you’re going—not just where you are today. Use ML to unlock new revenue streams, create frictionless customer experiences and automate processes. Seize market opportunities, proactively drive business forward and maximize the value of your data to help you write your next chapter.

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Our approach

As an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner, our deep expertise and capabilities in Amazon Web Services (AWS) allow us to help customers at any point in their cloud journey jumpstart their transformation and maximize returns on technology investments. With years of experience and practiced application in data and analytics, we keep pace with the evolution of machine learning to achieve your business goals and adopt emerging technologies at lower costs than ever before.

Our solutions

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Machine Learning Operations

Leverage our machine learning expertise to provide actionable business insights with effective ML models as well as automated testing and redeployment into production. Think: automating model evaluation and deployment. Proper model versioning. Model and data parallelism at scale. We’ll help your data-driven AI and ML projects bring value today and build for the future.

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Prescriptive Analytics

Make better business decisions when you unlock data-powered foresight. Move beyond business intelligence based on past performance to what’s next: empowering end users with instant recommendations informed by past events, responses and forecasting. We’ll work together to incorporate different data sources to build ML algorithms—supported by predictive models, tuning, training and optimization—that help you take action faster and drive strategic initiatives.

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Machine Learning Industry Solutions

Stay ahead of the curve when you take advantage of our industry expertise and point of view, earned from practiced experience in the field. Supported with end-to-end technical roadmaps for industry uses cases, we’ll help you use ML algorithms to enable KPIs, always measuring what matters. From preventing stockouts in your supply chain to improving quality inspection and safety in manufacturing, we’ve got you covered.

Thinking forward