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AWS Data, Analytics and Integration Modernization Services


Agility, flexibility and efficiency—harness the power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud technologies to modernize your data analytics and integration solutions. AWS has streamlined the process for enterprises to move large amounts of data into the cloud quickly, cost-effectively and at scale. Advance your elasticity and responsiveness to change with AWS.

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OUr Approach

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Advanced Consulting Partner

Make the move faster with TEKsystems. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we bring expertise and experience. Whether it’s taking your team through a workshop and setting up a proof of concept or laying out an MVP, we can take you from planning to production, quickly.

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Amazon MSK Migration

Managing Apache Kafka infrastructures can be challenging and time- consuming. But with Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK), you’ll build, run and scale applications at speed. We’ll help you seamlessly migrate your Kafka clusters and data integrations to Amazon MSK with ease—so you’ll reap all of the reward, without any of the complexity.

Watch to learn: the benefits of migrating, migration architecture design patterns, best practices, and total cost of ownership of EMR workload.

Amazon EMR Migration

With scalable clusters to distribute your data and on-demand processing power, migrating to Amazon EMR can strengthen your tech stack. We’ve designed proprietary frameworks for ingestion, test automation and well-architected reviews to accelerate your Amazon EMR migration.

Explore how to successfully migrate on-premise Hadoop to Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR).

Our solutions

Our comprehensive migration solutions take you through planning, building and running your AWS environment. From building a strong cloud foundation, to leveraging best practices for migration readiness, to selecting the optimal workload for migration through application rationalization to running workload design through the AWS Well-Architected Framework Review process, we’ll tailor our approach to best position you for success.

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Lift and Shift

Gain quick wins by straight migration to the cloud

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Transform based on the workload analysis

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Modernize the legacy bye rewriting and decoupling

Thinking forward