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Network and Data Center Services

Outperform expectations 

Infrastructure innovations have led to a rapid pace of technology evolution that has changed the network and data center landscape. Automation, software-defined networking (SDN) and the cloud are paving the way for unprecedented scalability and responsiveness while elevating efficiency, governance and performance.

Strong, reliable infrastructure means better service, better products, better security—giving you the competitive edge. We’ll help you identify the right services to meet your business needs through consolidation, virtualization and standardization. Beyond that, you’ll understand trends and how to adapt next-gen functionality into your environment to satisfy challenging and dynamic business requirements. Exponential growth from a strong foundation.

Strong network and data center infrastructure equips you for better service, products and security for a competitive edge


servers supported through managed services


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successful data center and NOC projects completed


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What We Do

TEKsystems' network and data center solutions span SDN, enterprise networking and Unified Communications

Network and Collaboration

Networks, take notice. You’ve got to keep pace with technology change and capacity demand, while reducing expenditures and modernizing your environment. We’ll provide strategy and assessment planning and design, implementation, and sustainment solutions spanning SDN, enterprise networking and Unified Communications. Whether you have multi-vendor, multi-technology or multi-cloud environments—we can meet the reality of your growing network needs.

Reduce TCO with network and data center services incorporating cloud, SDN and automation solutions

Data Center Services

Let’s admit it—less is more. With our help, you’ll reduce TCO and shrink your footprint by incorporating cloud, SDN and automation solutions. Our services cover server and storage deployment, migration and support, as well as data center migration, automation and virtualization. Automation offers big cost savings and built-in redundancy that lessens risk: that’s a win-win.

Stay competitive with telecommunications network and data center solutions that optimize your infrastructure and capabilities

Network and Data Center Services – Telecommunications

Pressure on telecom is mounting. To conquer IoT, soaring mobile data usage and 5G, you need to strengthen your infrastructure and broadband capabilities while optimizing revenue margins and efficiency. We’re experienced, innovative partners that help you stay competitive. From engineering and fiber design, to circuit testing, to operations and support, we can help modernize, optimize and expand your wireless and wired networks so you can meet the future with confidence.

Tap your potential with full-stack IT services, national scale and niche market flexibility

Solutions That Scale

Advising to outsourcing to talent. Our delivery isn’t off-the-shelf, it’s unique to you.

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