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A Story of Owning Change


Paving way for ultra 5G performance with small cell site construction management.


small cell infrastructure nodes implemented


increase in productivity


increase in small cell site deployments

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A 5G future is coming. But to our client, a global leader in communications and technology solutions, that revolution is well underway. They’ve been preparing for a 5G network since day one—and are ready to deliver futuristic, ultrafast wireless network performance for customers.

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The proposition:Speed it up

Our client was building a vast network of small cell sites, an essential part of densifying their network for 5G—it’s what makes 5G 20 times faster than 4G. Small cell sites require a high volume of smaller nodes to fill a macro network, and our client was moving a mile a minute through production, zoning and real estate planning, and construction to get the nodes up and running. To move faster and more efficiently, our client needed small cell site construction support in one of their major West Coast markets while they stayed focused on the bigger picture. Our telecom design engineers were up to the challenge.

Our proposal:Leaning in

We scaled up to support our client using our wireless network and construction services to complete their small cell site build pipeline—more than 500 small cell infrastructure nodes—within 36 months. We also provided end-to-end project management, which quickly cut through the red tape with cities, municipalities and real estate vendors.

Because we understood the significance of this program and that even the most carefully planned project can run into trouble, we prioritized communication. By holding weekly construction drawing review meetings, as well as streamlining process management, we helped our client sustain high production rates and make timely decisions for their business.

Powerful partnership:Greater capacity

With our flexible, scalable partnership, our client realized high-impact results—faster. Our specialized small cell site expertise and methodology in project and construction management helped identify and apply elevated business processes as the scope of work ramped up or down. Plus, save money: compared to other turnkey third-party partners they were originally using, our self-performing model for utility coordination and construction management maintained better levels of productivity and quality, with better budgeting. Translation: a return on investment that’s up to triple the capital project costs.

Not only that, but we’re in it for the long term. We wanted to ensure our client was set up for success, so we partnered with their construction and real estate teams to outline construction standards for future vendors to follow in the field—like reviewing project documentation for compliance and quality assurance.

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Real-world Results

Our client has embraced innovation to take their network to the biggest stage there is. They’re currently on pace for a record number—between 300 and 400—of self-performing small cell site deployments. Together, we’ve supported increased small cell site deployments by 33% year over year and have taken more than 18 days off 90-day small cell site construction delivery times—a 20% increase in productivity. Our ongoing small cell site partnership has helped our client scale to meet workload volume, size and scope of their 5G program—enabling them to densify their 4G footprint and more readily deploy a new generation of network speeds. 5G future ready.

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