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Training and Education Overview

The IT and business landscape is ever-changing. The most successful organizations focus on learning and development programs that keep employee skills sharp, productivity high and user adoption of new systems and processes seamless.

TEKsystems Training and Education Services provides flexible and effective learning and development solutions in these core areas:

Why TEKsystems?

Custom solutions

We consider your entire user population and design a custom learning strategy that addresses the needs of each stakeholder impacted. We customize each learning solution based on your organization’s distinct business needs to align with specific project initiatives, job roles or certifications. We can also work with content from the system’s providers and existing internal documents to create a comprehensive and integrated curriculum and materials, so users can learn and refer to related information in a seamless and thoughtful manner.

Unparalleled network

We have a unique ability to build teams of subject matter experts, versed in business, IT and learning competencies that have the knowledge required to advise and construct a learning solution that fits your initiatives. In addition to our team of learning development professionals, we can tap into our large, diverse network, including practice leadership and architects that are highly knowledgeable in applications, infrastructure and data services, and a proprietary network of 81 percent of the domestic IT workforce.

Scalable Delivery

We can ramp up and scale back to ensure you get exactly what you need, whether your needs are outcome-based or resource-centric. Using our proprietary Staffing Quality Process®, we source and screen learning professionals to quickly assemble a team. We handle all resource management logistics, including onboarding, training, knowledge transfer and reporting.

Operational Excellence

We manage hundreds of learning and educational programs each month. Our expertise allows us to configure the appropriate technology and logistics for your learning environment, coordinate training material distribution, designate and schedule experienced instructors, and assess course performance. We evaluate staff skills, provide retention benchmarks, perform gap analysis and present a customized learning plan to develop your IT workforce. Our Project Management Office ensures consistent use of process standards, collaboration tools and industry expertise, regardless of service location.

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