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HTML5 for Managers

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1 Day


This course provides exposure to the features and capabilities of the HTML5 and CSS3 specifications. Content focuses on the new capabilities of HTML markup, CSS3, and JavaScript. This course emphasizes demonstrations to provide illustrations of technologies and also supports the technologies discussing how they might be incorporated into an enterprise environment. Discussions center on how the technologies may provide value as well as proper ways to integrate and re-factor existing solutions. Cross-browser, cross-platform development is always emphasized.

Primary audience: Managers, analysts, and anyone wishing to learn about the forth-coming HTML 5 standard and its surrounding eco-system.
Please refer to course topics below.

Browsers and the HTML5 Ecosystem
What is HTML5?
The HTML5 Ecosystem
Major Areas
Myths and Facts
Progressive Enhancement
HTML 5 and the Mobile Environment

Changes to HTML5
A New Document and Document Structure
What Does it Mean For You?
Making It Work in All Browsers
Shims and Other Helpful Tools
Policies and Practices Concerning HTML 5
Completing the HTML5 Vocabulary
New and Useful Markup
Accessibility and HTML5

CSS3 and JavaScript
New Capabilities in CSS3
What is ECMAScript 5
What Does Your Browser Support?
Geolocation Demo
Drag-and-Drop Demo
Web Workers Demo
Cross-Domain Request Demo
Capabilities of Canvas
Flash vs. HTML 5

HTML 5 and the Enterprise
When Is It Time to Migrate?
Migrating to HTML 5
It's Not All or Nothing
Migration Issues
Best Practices
Cautionary Notes
Keeping the User in Mind
HTML 5 and the Future

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