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The DMAIC Way – Green Belt

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10 Days (Completed in two 5 day sessions across 2 months with project work being completed between the sessions.)

In this interactive workshop participants will complete an improvement project while learning core tools of The DMAIC Way. During this workshop the participants will complete a project using the framework to improve a current business situation.
This course is designed for project leaders – quality professionals, engineers, IT, department managers, manufacturing engineers, process improvement specialists.
Upon completion of this course, participants will:
  • Understand the 5 steps of The DMAIC Way methodology
  • Apply A3 thinking
  • Presentation Skills
    • Construct dynamic presentations for project updates and reviews
      • Confidence in-front of an audience (including leadership)
  • Team Leadership – internalizing what makes a high performing team leader
  • Tools Training (examples of tools below)
    • Process Mapping
    • Sigma Value
    • Project Scope & Charter
    • SIPOC
    • Measurement Systems Analysis
    • Cause & Effect
    • Key Process Input Variable Identification
    • Statistical Hypothesis Testing
    • 5-Why
    • Work Standardization
    • Control Plans
  • Results Validation for sustained results
Emphasis is placed on learning and applying The DMAIC Way process including tool application and implementation of sustained results. Project work is assigned outside of the workshop between the sessions.

All participants will receive:
  • Tool Templates
  • Certification of Completion
  • Statistical Software (additional license fee may be required)
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