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Championing the DMAIC Way

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1 Day

This interactive workshop is designed to familiarize senior leaders within an organization the 5 steps of the DMAIC Way methodology and how to apply them in their organization. We will end the workshop with an activity that will identify potential projects to quickly lead to bottom-line results and aid in gaining momentum for the organization in deployment of the DMAIC Way.
This course is designed for senior leaders/leadership team, managers, process owners, and people who want to learn about the concepts of the DMAIC Way.
Upon completion of this course, participants will be:
  • Understand the applications of The DMAIC Way
  • Apply A3 thinking and coaching
  • Discover what a good The DMAIC Way project is and how to select them
  • Identify what makes a high performing project leader (aka Belt)
  • Obtain the knowledge of The DMAIC Way including:
    • DMAIC Process
    • Core tools used
    • Common Language
  • Develop a list of:
    • Potential projects to improve your organization
    • Potential belts to begin the selected projects
  • Establish methods to evaluate and continuously improve processes
  • Internalize The DMAIC Way for bottom line results
Emphasis is placed on learning The DMAIC Way process, terminology and concepts to aid driving improvement in the organization.
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