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Microsoft Project Online/Server – Portfolio Analyzer Training Workshops

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3 Workshops (1.5-3 Hours each) over multiple days (it’s preferred to cluster them closer together)

Ideally, participants should be familiar with the concepts of Project, Program and Portfolio management. They should also be involved in project selection, prioritization and Demand Management and Resource Capacity Planning.
This course provides both training and consulting on the Portfolio Analyzer for Project Online or Project Server. This is one of the core features for being able to extend both managing the Active Work Portfolio being managed in the Enterprise MS Project System but also to be able to define business drivers, rate and rank and select projects based on strategic value, cost and resource availability. The Portfolio Analyzer allows organizations to compare their “New Work” portfolio against their “Existing Work Portfolio” and understand what they have budget for, resources to deliver and the strategic priority for projects, enabling that business unit to be able to select the “Right” Projects based on metrics and analytics vs. emotion-based project selection or prioritization.
This course is designed for Business Decision Makers, Project Management Offices, Senior Leadership, Program managers and Senior Project managers in helping them rate, rank, prioritize and select projects.

In this course, participants will:

  • Understand the Portfolio Management Lifecycle
  • Recognize Project Online/Server as a Portfolio Management Tool
  • Prepare Program and Portfolio Management within Project Online/Server
  • Derive Business Drivers to Support Business Goals
  • To Create Portfolio Rankings & Ratings for Projects with metrics based ranking criteria
  • To Create Portfolios of Projects to be Selected based on
    • Mutual Inclusion
    • Mutual Exclusion
    • Strategic Value
    • Costs to Value
    • Resource Availability in both New Projects Compared to Existing Work Portfolios
  • Understanding the Efficient Frontier & Strategic Alignment Options
  • Create Scenarios and Compare or Commit Future Projects
  • Learn Portfolio Management Best Practices
  • Configure Environment in Preparation for Portfolio Analysis
  • Perform Portfolio Analysis for Cost Analysis
  • Perform Portfolio Analysis for Resource Analysis
  • Interpret Portfolio Analysis Data
  • Plan for Next Steps After Portfolio Analysis
Workshop One - Focus on Business Drivers
With Business Leaders Create Alignment on Portfolio Analysis
Process & Prioritization / Selection Criteria
Cover all aspects of the Portfolio Management Lifecycle
Discuss and Create Business Drivers & Driver Impact Statements
Prioritize Business Drivers

Workshop Two - Focus on the Projects and Resources
Build & Capture Project Proposals – Intake Process
Align & Configure Enterprise Resource Pool
Build & Use Standard Templates to Configure Enterprise Projects
Build & Configure Project Processes and Workflows

Workshop Three - Focus on Project Analyses
Perform Cost Analysis
Perform Resource Analysis
Use Project Dependencies
Build & Compare Portfolio Scenarios
Finalize & Select / Commit Scenarios
Analysis of Existing Work Portfolio with the New Approved Portfolio of Work

Provide 20 hours of Advanced Consulting Support
Assist with Downstream Impacts and Changes to Project Online / Server (Project PPM) enabling the ability to review if the new work portfolio is meeting its goals and objectives.
Maximizing the Enterprise Resource Pool
Updating Project Center and Project Detail Views, Fields and Details to support Portfolio Selection Process
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