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Intensive Introduction To Python

In this 4-day course, participants establish a solid foundation in core Python programming language fundamentals using Python 3. Exercises cover common tasks in: data acquisition (via raw input from users, from files, from urls, and from sockets) data parsing (including English text, HTML, column-oriented text, CSV and delimited files, JSON, and XML) data analysis (using list comprehensions, generators, sets, dictionaries, and named tuples) data formatting (using templating to create HTML and other output formats) Participants can expect to learn Python norms, idioms, and programming practices developing a clear mental model of the language (including magic methods, the object model, memory management, mutability, performance and scaling, etc). Participants will develop an expressive style that realizes the full advantages of the language becoming proficient at utilizing patterns of problem solving. Topics include program organization, principles of object-oriented programming, testing, and debugging. There is special chapter on using REST APIs as time permits. Socket programming includes processing HTTP headers and the use of RESTful APIs and networked applications. Examples include a TCP client and server.

Intensive Intermediate Python

This is an intensive four-day course in the Python Programming Language with an emphasis on building applications and achieving a deeper understanding of the language. This is an interactive workshop style class where students learn by creating code and where most of the course material is developed in class using guided discovery.

Intensive Advanced Python

In this intensive four-day course, participants will achieve the mastery of Python 3 necessary to become a leader, problem solver, and architect. You will develop skills with Python's most advanced tools including metaclasses, descriptors, and interfaces with C and become knowledgeable about how to create an effective Python programming environment for (using PIP, virtualenv, automated testing, and popular third-party modules).