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Microsoft PPM for Project Managers

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2 Days

Microsoft Project Server and the cloud offering, Project Online, now collectively called Microsoft PPM, comprise a department-wide or enterprise-wide solution that consolidates projects, programs, and resources. The centralized views and reports of information help facilitate quick decision making for the PMO staff. This course is tailored to the scheduler or project manager who will learn how to create and maintain projects using the online functionality of Project Server; commonly referred to as Project Web App (PWA). Learning how to create a team from the enterprise resource pool, generate tasks assignments, and receive and apply updates to the schedule automatically are some of the critical aspects of the course. In addition, your will learn how to maintain each project’s SharePoint site, properly check out/in schedules, documents, and work with the scheduling engine available within PWA. This two-day course is delivered in a customer’s environment to maximize immediate application of knowledge.
This course is designed for project managers.

In this course, participants will:

  • Navigate effectively through PWA and create multiple types of projects
  • Check out and edit schedules using the built in scheduling capabilities of PWA
  • Build a project team and plan for resource demand using high-level plans and detailed schedules
  • View and analyze cross-project demand for resources
  • Perform task and timesheet updates as a team member
  • Accept team member updates and automatically update the schedule
  • Display variances against the baseline schedule and send changes to the team quickly
Overview of Microsoft PPM
Learning the benefits of Microsoft PPM and its components
Navigating through Project Web App (PWA)
Setting up a Project Professional or Project Pro for Office 365 connection to PWA

Planning and Viewing Resource Demand
Differentiating between Resource Plans and Project Plans to control resource demand
Building project-specific resource teams
Assigning resources to a task in PWA
Assigning resources to a task in Project Pro
Finalizing and publishing assignments to team members
Applying best practices when replacing resources
Viewing and analyzing resource demand in Team Planner view
Viewing and analyzing resource demand in the Resource Center (if available)

Creating and Maintaining Projects
Creating SharePoint task list projects
Creating schedule-based projects
Using client-configured information pages
Checking projects in/out
Using the scheduling features built into PWA to develop and edits schedules
Differentiating between saving and publishing projects
Accessing the SharePoint site and working with documents, risks, and issues
Checking-in stranded projects

Finalizing Schedules and Approving Updates
Capturing the baseline plan
Providing task updates as a team member
Providing timesheet updates as a team member
Configuring the team member views for efficiency
Approving and rejecting updates
Applying task updates to the schedule automatically
Displaying variances and applying corrective action (optional)
Completing an update on behalf of another resource using delegation (if available)

Note: Topic details will be tailored based on client configuration
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