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Developing a Business Case

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2 Days

Participants define a real life business need using a structured problem or opportunity statement and conduct a cost-benefit analysis using typical financial metrics such as Return on Investment (ROI), Net Present Value (NPV) and payback period. Solution options are invented and risks assessed. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is considered. Teams justify the investment required to deliver their proposed solution by presenting to a governance board for funding. The focus is on the proposed business value of the solution. A business case template and sample is provided.
This course is designed for individuals responsible for proposing solutions, presenting and selling ideas, gathering customer needs and delivering solutions.
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Link business problems and opportunities to company financials
  • Learn how the business case fits into the overall investment management process 
  • Practice structuring a value proposition
  • Select from 5 project evaluation techniques
  • Construct a cost benefit analysis for the recommended option
  • Build a business case using a structured template
Investment Management Overview
Investment Management Framework
What is Value Governance?
Project Portfolio Management Processes
How the Business Case fits into Investment Management Processes

Problem Solving Techniques
Defining the Problem – Root Cause
Introduce structured problem/opportunity statement method
Solutions Creation

Financial Analysis of Business Initiatives
Learning to Speak Your Business Partner’s Financial Language
Understanding the Metrics that Create Value

Project Evaluation
How to Justify a Project
Project costs and benefits
Project Evaluation Techniques: Initial Cost Method, Payback, ROI, NPV, IRR
Building the Case with Hard Data and Soft Data

The Concept of Value
Characteristics of Value Propositions…why bother?
Value is Not Features, Advantage or Benefits

Writing the Value Proposition
The Audience Perspective
Steps to Writing a Value Proposition
Working Deals from the Business Partner’s Perspective

Develop the Business Case
The Content of the Business Case
Document Approach & Implementation Strategy

Make the Case to Invest
Linking Your Project to Strategic Initiatives

Portfolio Management
Review of Investment Management Framework
What to do once the business case is approved.
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