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Advanced Microsoft Project 2016

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2 Days

This course teaches advanced techniques used to build, optimize and manage a working project schedule using Microsoft Project. Learn to edit and organize projects, assign resources to tasks, manage and modify project schedules, and use Project Pro views to effectively communicate information about your project. A hands-on training will be provided where participants gain tactical experience while building a project schedule, or working with the schedule of their choosing during the training.
This course is designed for individuals using Microsoft Project.

In this course, participants will:

  • Use MS Project as a Standalone or as an Integrated Program or Portfolio
  • Establish Centralized Resource Pools and Create Visibility to Demand and Forecasting across networked projects
Advanced Approaches with Project Online
Assigning Resources with PWA
Using the Resource Engagement Feature for Work Forecasting
Working with Delegation Functions
Using the Scheduling Engine for Task / Work Management

Budgets, Earned Value & Resource Management
Setting alternate cost rates
Build and using budgets for tasks and resources
Earned value reporting & Dashboard Cost Views
Creating & resolving under and over allocation with resource assignments
Overtime, part-time & shifting assignments
Creating Inactive or excluding tasks from work assignments

Advanced Resource Management
Managing Over and Under allocation
Working with Resource Contours
Using Project Online’s Resource Engagements
Working with Resource Views (Team Planner)

Advanced Schedule Management
Using Buffers, Float and Slack
Splitting Tasks & Using Advanced Formatting Features
Working with Milestones & Multiple Key Milestone Dates in the Gantt Chart
How to Crash / Compress a Schedule
Reverse Engineering with MS Project

Using Project as a Database:
Using Custom Reporting
Working with Filters, Tables, Details & Groups

Advanced Tasks & Resource Pools
Mastering task types (Fixed work, Fixed Units, Fixed Duration)
Controlling Project calculations
Building & Using Global Resource pools
Working with Cross Project Work and Resources
Advanced Techniques to Resolving or Leveling resources

Managing Multiple Projects
Creating Cross Linking between projects
Setting up Global Calculated fields
Working with master & sub projects for reporting, editing, snapshot backups
Building and Using Calendars

Customizing Features, Reports & Dashboards
Customizing user interface
Customizing formats and views
Working with organizer
Creating custom objects
Creating & viewing visual reports
Understanding & using dashboard reports
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