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Project Management

Managing & Building Relationships with Virtual Teams

Learn the concepts around building high performing virtual teams. Including challenges, techniques to building, establishing and managing relationships.

Introduction to Microsoft Project 2016

Learn to edit and organize your project, assign resources to tasks, manage and modify project schedules, and use Project Pro views.

Intro to Project Management Workshop

The goal of into to project management is to provide participants with concepts and techniques to achieve quality project performance.

Stakeholder Management Training Course

Participants will demonstrate a focused approach to planned communication and stakeholder management strategies and holding others accountable.

Project Management Fundamentals

Participants will develop fundamental project management knowledge and apply project management tools and processes to case study scenarios.

Project Management for Teams

Develop practical skills to be a project manager and effective team members. In this course, you will practice those skills in case study scenarios.

Managing Your Project Plan

In the this workshop, you will experience and practice techniques to keep your project plan moving smoothly through its execution.

Introduction To Microsoft Project 2013

Learn the core techniques needed to manage a working project schedule using Microsoft Project 2013.

How to Facilitate Effective Meetings

Our workshop on effective meetings includes how to plan and conduct status, decision making, problem-solving and product producing meetings.

How to Elicit and Write Usable Requirements

In this workshop, participants elicit requirements by asking the right questions, extract information from interview responses and remove ambiguity.