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Step Out of the Box 3: Breakthrough Leadership

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2 Days

Leadership experience or new leadership position is expected.
Pre-Work: Individual online strengths assessment
This course provides an in-depth program that will teach you professional tools how to effectively listen “beyond the first story”, avoid assumptions and get faster to the point. Are you ready to be more efficient as a team leader with a demanding daily schedule? You will acquire state-of-the-art coaching tools that are used by 18,000 ICF certified coaches worldwide. You will learn a proven framework for challenging conversations to free up energy for higher performance and increased information flow. You will learn how to leverage hidden emotions like anger, frustration, disappointment or impatience and turn them into excitement, passion and performance excellence. You will leverage your team’s physical and emotional intelligence and acquire tools and techniques you can implement immediately to shape your team culture on a daily basis.
This course is designed for individuals who are leaders on all organizational levels.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Set boundaries and lead to higher performance levels\
  • Lead employees without taking on their challenges
  • Retain top performers and leverage their natural genius more effectively
  • Experience professional coaching tools as leadership shortcut
  • Create a culture of excellence, not perfection
  • Encourage employee engagement through emotional buy-in and accountability
  • Turn strong emotions like frustration or anger into high performance and desire for excellence
Interactive and experiential learning
Presentation of coaching tools and exercises
Break-out sessions
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