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Step Out of the Box 2: Leverage Team Diversity

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1 Day

Online communication style assessment DISC needs to be completed.
This course provides effective and professional ways to turn challenges into trust building conversations. How much emotional energy do you spend with challenging customers on a daily basis? Participants will learn innovative tools to listen beyond the first story heard and to differentiate between content and context of conversations. Each customer communication will make attendees grow professionally and add value to the company in terms of revenue and customer loyalty. At the end of each day participants will be less tired, because they will have achieved more without working so hard on “putting out fires.”
This course is designed for managers, directors, and team leaders who deal with internal and external customers.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Significantly improve professional listening skills
  • Identify personal communication style
  • Enhance customer service effectiveness and productivity
  • Identify clues for emotional intelligence application
  • Learn a professional “Out of the Box” conversation model
  • Practice communication skills in a real business scenario
  • Identify new opportunities to apply this communication model
Behavioral Style assessment results
Professional listening
Distinctions: Taking charge of ‘complainer conversations’
Emotional Intelligence in action
Levels of professional communication
How to build trust through challenges
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