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Customizing Our Service - Servicing Our Customers

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1 Day


This course provides employees with a strong understanding of the role that exceptional customer service plays in the success of an organization. Emphasis is placed on how the employee’s attitude, communication, and behavior influence customer satisfaction.

This course is designed for anyone.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the value and benefits for consistently delivering exceptional customer service
  • Define the characteristics needed for exceptional customer service
  • Identify customer service busters and how they affect the entire organization
  • Learn how to avoid being “hooked” by a difficult customer
  • Develop superior telephone skills
  • Develop new skills and/or reinforce existing skills that improve personal performance
  • Learn several skills and techniques to manage the difficult customer

I. In Search of Service Excellence
Why customer service is important
Exceptional and poor service
Activity: Small group discussions
Characteristics of exceptional customer service
Activity: Identification through triads and posted in class

II. Who Are My Customers?
A. Internal
B. External
Activity: Identifying customers through mapping exercise
Am I customer service ready?
Activity: Customer service inventory

III. Customer Service Busters
Identifying busters
Activity: Call-out and charted
Poor communication
Moods and emotions
Ego and mistrust
Systems and lack of resources, etc
Consequences of the Busters
The positive and negative cycle
Attitude and the customer service cycle
Activity: Group discussion

IV. Interacting With The Customer
A. Parent-Adult-Child model (PAC)
B. Identifying the “hook”
Avoiding the hook by the four key questions
Case study
Activity: Video, pop quiz, and case study

V. Responding to the Customer
A. Telephone etiquette
B. Identifying customer needs
C. Core probing skills
Open and closed-end questions
Respectful listening
Responding respectfully
Activity: Who am I exercise, listening exercise and role-play

VI. Difficult Customer
A. Identifying difficult customers
B. Dealing with the difficult customer
Activity: Case study, role-play, and audio

VII. Aggressive Customer
Manage emotions
Understanding the angry mindset
The martial arts of dealing with anger
Activity: Case study and role-play

VIII. Making It Happen
Follow through

IX. Summary and Conclusion

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