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Professional Development Courses

Delegation and Accountability

Participants will explore reasons why leaders do not delegate, take a delegation assessment and identify steps to effective delegation.

Servant Leadership Philosophy

Servant Leadership is a philosophy that involves focusing on others success and building relationships to benefit all. Learn more about our workshop.

Are You an Efficient Team Leader?

Are you ready to be more efficient as a team leader with a demanding daily schedule? You will acquire state-of-the-art coaching tools and guidance.

Diverse Customer Training

This course is designed for managers, directors, and team leaders who deal with a diverse group of internal and external customers.

Out of the Box Leadership Training

Out of the box leadership training covers internal road blocks, personal paradigms, your inner genius and an implementation toolbox.

How to Build a High Performance Team

This course focuses on the importance of team dynamics, synergy, and building collegiate relationships resulting in high performance teams.

Team Building & Conflict Management Training

Our course provides the basics of team building and conflict management. Issues such as synergy, attitude, perception, trust and competition are examined.

Enhance Diversity in the Workplace

This course provides information to enhance, raise awareness, to encourage and appreciate diversity in the workplace.

Learn Essential Leadership Skills

Learn the essential skills to become a leader. Participants identify their leadership style and examine blockers that could hinder their abilities.

The Power of Emotional Intelligence

Research has shown that Emotional Intelligence (EI) contributes more to a person’s success than their IQ. This course focuses on skills that strengthen EI.