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Professional Development Courses

Communication Skills For Professionals

This course provides training for participants to develop a heightened understanding of the salient aspects of human behavior. A four-step process is introduced, and specific communication skills are presented and practiced. The changes in organizations today require that the knowledge base of its employees includes more than basic communication skills. Today’s employees need to be equipped with skills to help work to their greatest efficiency. In order to achieve this, highly developed communication skills are necessary.

Adjusting To And Managing Stress And Change

This course provides participants training on how to manage the stress that results from change. Participants identify the specific changes taking place in their organization, and learn how it affects them physically, emotionally, and behaviorally. Three practical ways to manage stress during changing times are introduced: relaxation, eating healthy, and exercise. Participants are then introduced to ways to balance work and family life. A model that helps participants maintain a positive attitude is introduced. Additionally, participants learn a powerful technique that teaches them how to effectively manage stress, frustration, and negative thinking.

Problem Solving And Decision Making Tools And Techniques

This course provides training on the Decision Making and Problem Solving process. Decision-making and problem-solving skills are not something that we are born with. In fact, there are many things we can learn that will improve our ability to solve problems and to make better decisions. Participants learn a seven-step model that can help improve the process of Decision Making and Problem Solving. They also explore how ones personality affects their decision making and problem solving abilities. Additionally, participants learn to use different tools and techniques to enhance their decision making and problem solving.

Systematic Problem Solving And Decision Making

This course provides a systematic method of assuring the identification of root cause and the selection of a “best choice” response to assure optimal effectiveness. Organizations today are limited in terms of their success by how effective they are in solving problems and making decisions. To solve seemingly impossible problems and make consistently sound decisions, you can’t always make a “best guess” and hope for the best. Submitting to time constraints or giving in to panic under pressure can have disastrous outcomes. Hunches, instinct, and pure intuition may be inspiring, but they can lead to unforeseen problems and erroneous decisions.

Difficult Discussions

This course provides training that allows participants to master proven techniques that give you the control and power you need to transform toxic talk into healthy dialogue – enabling you to talk to anyone, at anytime, anywhere, about anything. Have you ever been faced with the challenge of having a discussion with a co-worker that you fear will turn into a nightmare? Have you ever avoided a difficult discussion because you were anxious about how the other person would react? If so, this course is perfect for you!

How To Deliver A Dynamic Presentation

The course provides participants with the skills necessary to present information in a way that captures and maintains the audience’s attention. Participants learn how to identify and purpose, and build the presentation to meet that purpose. Discussion and practice of presentation development and delivery skills create a hands-on, interactive, skill-building course.