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Operating Systems Courses

RHEL7 Linux System Administration II

This course provides participants with knowledge needed to administer a Linux system in a network environment.

Advanced Bash Shell Programming

Advance I/O Redirection and HERE Documents, Commands, Data Types, Arrays, Shell Functions, Debugging Shell Scripts, Performance Evaluations

RHEL7 Linux System Administration Course

In our RHEL7 Linux System administration course you will learn how to install, configure and manage a Linux system in a standalone environment.

Advanced Korn Shell Programming Training

In TEKsystems advanced Korn Shell programming course you will learn command substitution, data types, compound variables and advanced functions.

Linux Performance Management Training

This course is designed for performance management specialists who are responsible for the tuning and capacity monitoring of machines running Linux.

Introduction To Unix Linux Course

In this intro to Unix/Linux course you will learn how to use commands to manipulate files, basic navigation and to customize your shell environment.

Korn Shell Programming Course

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to write Korn Shell scripts and use commands, flow and debugging techniques.

Intro to Bash Shell Programming Training

Bash shell scripts training course reviews the useful shell commands, variable subs, functions, flow control and debugging programs.