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Application Express (APEX) Advanced v3.1

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3 Days

Introduction to Oracle SQL
PL/SQL Programming
Introduction to Application Express

Basic SQL syntax knowledge
Knowledge of basic HTML tags
Some P/SQL experience
This course provides participants with the ability to address (in a workshop format) a number of the more advanced topics concerning Application Express. Each topic will be presented individually and will not build on each other. Time will be available to explore and research additional topics of interest as well.
This course is designed for individuals who are PL/SQL Developers, Web Developers, and Database Administrators.
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
� Know the software requirements for APEX printing
� Install BI Publisher to enable PDF printing
� Configure APEX to work with BI Publisher
� Create PDF reports
� Use BI Publisher Desktop to configure a report
� Learn how to use JavaScript to enhance the functionality of an application
� Learn how to use the AJAX framework to make changes in your application without resubmitting the page
� Learn what browser options are available to enhance developer productivity
� Learn about some APEX development tools that may enhance developer productivity
� Learn about some 3rd party themes that commercially
� Overview of Security
� Creating an Authentication Scheme
� Creating an Authorization Scheme
� Add Binary Large Object (BLOB) Data to your application
� Send email notifications
� Incorporate Web Services into your application
� Build a custom tabular form
� Add validations to your tabular form
� Manage changes to the tabular form using collections
� Prevent SQL injection attacks
� Prevent cross-site scripting
� Use Session State Protection
� Understand the functionality available for APEX via SQL Developer
� Become familiar with APEX Reports available in SQL Developer
� Copy and modify a template
� Create and modify a theme
� Use a standard style in a template
� Add a custom style to a template
� Use the tools provided to upload data into APEX
� Know how APEX can be used to download data from APEX to your local file system
� Create the three basic types of charts available in APEX
� Learn how to use chart attributes to customize chart appearance
� Learn how to use custom XML to further customize chart output
� Learn how to make charts update automatically
� Understand the basis and organization of the APEX repository
� Learn how to write reports using the data in the APEX repository
� Learn how to use APEX repository for writing quality control checks
� Recognize the �Access� problem
� Know the way Oracle approaches the migration issue
� Apply the steps of a migration project
� Take a look at some application design �Best Practices�
� Learn how to do APEX �Source Control�
� Apply the APEX lifecycle
� Deploy an APEX application
APEX Printing
JavaScript and Ajax
Apex APIs
Setting up the Developer Environment
Custom Authentication and Authorization
Application Extensions
Advanced Tabular Forms
Application Security
APEX and SQL Developer
Customizing Themes and Templates
Upload/Download Files
Advanced Charting in Apex
Making the Most of the APEX Repository
Migrating from Access
Production Related Issues
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