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Master of Managed Change® Certification

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3 Days

The candidate must have:
  • Successfully completed the LaMarsh Global Managed Change™ Workshop or the Managed Change™ Agent Certification Program or LaMarsh Global e-lesson
  • Six months experience applying Managed Change™ to at least one change/project
The LaMarsh Global Master of Managed Change® Certification Program is an advanced change management learning program designed for individuals who seek a deeper understanding of the Managed Change™ process and whose role will be to serve as internal change management coach or lead Change Agent.

Certification is granted after completion of a three-day facilitated workshop, including a formal examination, testing candidates’ in-depth understanding of the Managed Change™ process, Model and tools.
This course is designed for Certified Change Agents responsible for implementations of major change projects who are Human Resource professionals, OD professionals, IT professionals, finance & internal audit professionals, Project Managers, risk managers, internal change management consultants, Black Belts and/or Master Black Belts.
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Coach others in the application of the Managed Change™ Model and process, and its accompanying change management tools, on real change projects
  • Align and integrate the Managed Change™ approach into other project management methodologies for a robust, coordinated and effective application
  • Identify methods to measure and monitor the success of a completed change project post-implementation
  • Demonstrate competency to apply and coach others to apply the Managed Change™ process
  • Demonstrate competency to apply and coach others on the use of the Managed Change™ change management tools and templates
  • Demonstrate ability to customize the Managed Change™ tools to meet the unique needs of a specific change project
Managed Change™ Model
An in-depth review of the Managed C
hange™ Model
Validate the candidate’s basic comprehension of the Managed Change™ Model and its key tools and templates

Understanding the Model
Identify and explore aspects of the Managed Change™ Methodology that are difficult for Change Agents to understand and apply

Applying the Model
Develop strategies for working with large scale projects and multiple consulting firms

Model in Practice

Apply the basic skills and knowledge of Managed Change™ and its usage in a simulated change project and in the candidate’s change project

Measuring and Monitoring Change
Clearly define strategies for measuring and monitoring the success of an effective change approach

Value Proposition
Understand how change management’s contribution to the project can be measured and the ROI determined

Assessing the Level of Understanding

Individual and group evaluation of candidate’s knowledge and capability to apply Managed Change™

Helping Others to Understand Managed Change™
Identify learning needs and develop ability to support inquiry and study requirements

Institutionalize the Managed Change™ Approach
Define the role of the Master of Managed Change® in the organization
Build a plan to make Managed Change™ a core competency in the organization
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