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TCP/IP Internetworking

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2 Days

Basic knowledge of Internet technologies, network infrastructure, and Web authoring using HTML.

This course provides training on key Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) concepts and protocols so network professionals can effectively plan, deploy and manage a TCP/IP enterprise network. Participants will learn to build an enterprise network and analyze TCP/IP application and protocol information.
This course is designed for individuals who are Network engineers, network architects, internetworking engineers, LAN/WAN administrators, systems administrators, systems managers, intranet administrators.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify TCP/IP Architecture 
  • Build an enterprise network 
  • Analyze TCP/IP protocol information
Module 1: Internetworking
Identify each of the seven layers of the OSI reference model
Describe flow control and how it is used within an internetwork
List the five conversion steps of data encapsulation
Overview of Networking and the Corporate Network
Internet-related Authorities

Module 2: TCP/IP Architecture
Comparison of the TCP/IP and OSI Models
Overview of TCP/IP
Describe the different classes of IP addresses
Understand IP Addressing

Module 3: Application Layer
Define Application Layer protocols
Describe how application data works its way through the TCP/IP layers
Understand Name Resolution 
    Define Domain Name System (DNS) 
    DNS Overview 
    The Hosts File 
    DNS Hierarchy and DNS Records 
    Windows and DNS 
    UNIX and DNS

Module 4: Transport Layer
Transport Layer Overview
Transport Layer Protocols 
    Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) 
    TCP Negotiation Process 
    User Datagram Protocol (UDP) 
    TCP and UDP Ports

Module 5: Internet Layer
Network Access Layer Overview
Address Resolution Protocol
Reverse Address Resolution Protocol (RARP)
Internet Protocol Overview
IP and Routing
IP Header

Module 6: IP Addressing
Introduction to Internet Protocol (IP) Addressing
IP Address Classes
IP Addressing Rules
Reserved IP Addressing
Subnet Masks
Address and Parameter Allocation for TCP/IP Hosts 
    Address and Parameter Allocation Overview 
    BOOTstrap Protocol (BOOTP) 
    Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

Module 7: Subnetting, Variable Length Subnet Masks (VLSM), Troubleshooting TCP/IP
Subnetting Basics
Classless Interdomain Routing (CIDR)
Variable Length Subnet Masks (VLSM)
Understand Variable Length Subnet Masks (VLSM)
Design an IP addressing scheme to meet design requirements
Troubleshoot IP addressing

Module 8: Network Access Layer
IEEE Standards and Ethernet
Ethernet Function and Headers
Ethernet Networking and cabling
Determining Ethernet MAC Addresses
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