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iOS 10 App Development Using Swift

iOS 10 App Development Using Swift

Programming in Swift

Programming in Swift

Mobile for Non-Technical Managers

This course is meant for IT managers and product managers who need to understand the fundamentals of the Android platform.

Enterprise iPhone And iPad Programming Using iOS 7

This iPhone training / iOS development training course teaches application development for the iOS platform. It covers iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. This iPhone training / iOS development training course starts off by building a solid foundation in Objective-C. It then goes into details of application user interface development. After that the class teaches network access, SQL database, multimedia and graphics programming. After completing this iPhone application development training course, a participant will be able to build robust, high performing and compelling applications for iPhone and iPad.

Testing Mobile Android Applications

Testing mobile applications involve unique challenges. This course teaches these challenges and how to mitigate them. Techniques to test most commonly used aspects of an Android application are covered.

Advanced Programming For Android

This Android Programming course teaches more advanced programming topics for the Android platform. Participants will learn to use database and network in their programs. This Android Programming course is ideal for developers who want to take their Android skills to the next level.

Introduction To Programming For Android

The main focus of this Android Programming course is to teach participants how to develop the GUI for an Android based application. This Android Programming course is ideal for Java developers to get a quick entry into the Android platform.