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ALM Reporting v12

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1 Day

Some knowledge of relational databases and SQL, working knowledge of Windows software, basic understanding of ALM entity relationships, working understanding of MS Word Templates, and working understanding of MS Excel is required.
This course is designed to supplement several of the core ALM classes, such as; Implementing ALM, ALM Project Startup, and ALM Testing Basics. This class covers all of the many reporting options available in ALM 12. In ALM 11.5, HP removed the standard reports and replaced them with more robust and configurable options and introduced the concept of Business Views. When team members understand the power of custom business views and custom Word Templates, in conjunction with ALM linkages, then they are able to produce the necessary reports and graphs required by all levels of management.
This course is designed for individuals who are: QA Project Managers, Software Development Managers, QA Testing Team Leads, or Business Analysts.
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Produce a variety of custom ALM reports
  • Produce effective life cycle reports across all project phases
Reporting Overview
ALM Reporting Options

Word Reports
Using Existing Word Templates
Creating New Word Templates
Word Template Management

Business Views
Using Existing Business Views
Creating New Business Views
Template Management

Excel Reports
Business View Excel Reports
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