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Advanced Concepts for UFT v12

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3 Days

Basic concepts of Quality Assurance (QA)
This core course provides a set of relevant UFT topics to supplement the Introduction to UFT class. Some chapters are presented as independent topics so that the class may be customized to focus on specific environments and objectives. The full set of materials is designed to be delivered as a three-day class, but some customers may elect to focus on a subset of relevant topics (which could be presented in a shorter timeframe).

This class is taught against a pre-configured virtual environment which can be access through the internet. UFT is fully integrated with Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and this class offers ‘best-practice’ suggestions for effective use of the two products working together. All topics are supported by hands-on exercises based on real-life examples. The exercises use a variety of applications, each selected to highlight the focus topic.
This course is designed for New Automation Testers, Business Analysts, or QA Project Leads.
Working with the Editor View (Scripting)
The Step Generator
Statement Completion (IntelliSense)
Conditional Logic and Loops

The ALM Interface
Saving UFT Artifacts to ALM
Running UFT scripts from ALM
Using the ALM Test Resources module

Handling Dynamic Objects

Working with Application Databases

Establishing a Database connection
Importing Database data to UFT
Database Checkpoints

Recovery Scenarios

UFT Debugging Techniques

The Debug Tool

Shared Object Repositories
Reasons for using a Shared OR
Creating and Managing Shared ORs

Configuring Checkpoints
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