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Software Testing Quality Assurance Courses

Advanced Concepts for UFT v12.5 Class

UFT 12.5 is fully integrated with Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). This class offers best-practice suggestions for advanced users.

Introduction to Unified Functional Testing (UFT) v12.5

Introduction to Unified Functional Testing (UFT) v12.5 is designed for manual testers looking to create automated tests.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) for Reporting

This class covers all of the reporting options available in Application Lifecycle Management. You will learn how to produce reports for any project.

How to Use Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Learn how to use the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) functionality to establish an effective quality management process.

Learn Basic Sprinter v12 Functionality

Learn basic Sprinter v12 to incorporate HP Sprinter into your testing platform, create tests for ALM manual test cases or as a basis for UFT tests.

ALM Testing Basics Training Course

This course is designed for test teams. The focus of the ALM testing basics class is on the creation and execution of manual test cases.

The Differences Between ALM v11 and v12

QA testers and PMs will learn the core differences between ALM v11 and v12. Learn how to use new features and be more productive.

How to Use ALM v12 Training Course

ALM v12 training course will teach you how to use ALM functionality to establish quality management processes and create and execute manual tests.