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Informatica Power Center Training – Developers

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4 Days

Participants will need knowledge of SQL.
This four day course will take participants through architecture, mappings, workflows, and sessions. Participants will also learn about debugging, optimization, and version control.
This course is designed for ETL Developers.

In this course, participants will:

  • Comprehend Informatica Architecture
  • Create and Run Informatica mappings, mapplets workflows and sessions
  • Learn how to debug Informatica mappings
  • Build Slow changing dimensions ETL logic
  • Schedule Informatica workflow
  • Version control of Informatica objects
  • ETL optimization

Day 1:
Introduction to ETL Process
Introduction to Informatica Architecture
Overview of Power Center Components

  • Repository Manager
  • Designer
  • Workflow Manager and Monitor

Simple Mapping Creation

  • Creating ODBC Connection for Sources (SAP, Oracle, Text Files) and Target (Oracle)
  • Source Analyzer
  • Target Designer
  • Transformation Developer
  • Mapplets Designer
  • Mapping Designer
  • Source Qualifier Transformation (Overrides, Source Filter and Options)

Day 2:
Create Session and Workflow

  • Workflow
    • Properties of Workflow
    • Link Conditions
    • Using Different tasks in a Workflow
    • load Strategies
    • PRE-SQL , POST-SQL and Overriding the SQL's

Medium Mapping Creation

  • Expression Transformation
  • Uses
  • Different Ports(Input, Output and Variable)
  • Router Transformation
  • Options, Groups
  • Filter Transformation
  • Conditions, Scenarios
  • Creation of session and workflow

Version Control

Day 3:
Create Complex Mapping

  • Mapping Using Variables and Joiner Transformation
    • Creation of mapping variable
    • Joiner Transformation / Join Types

SCD-I Mapping

  • Source Qualifier Transformation
  • Lookup Transformation
  • Expression Transformation
  • Sequence Generator Transformation
  • Update Strategy
  • Options - Insert, Update, Delete and Reject
  • Creation of session and workflow

SCD2 Mapping

Day 4:

  • Source and Target overrides
  • Session Task Mapping Overrides
  • Lookup Overrides

Informatica Scheduler

  • Scheduler Options
  • Customize Schedule Options

Informatica Debugger and session logs
ETL Optimizations

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