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Salt Foundations

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2 Days

Participants must have basic Linux system administration skills. Each participant will be required to run a 64 bit virtual machine (provided with the course).
This class teaches a best practice approach to managing infrastructure using Salt configuration automation software. This course develops the skills required by system administrators who are implementing Salt in complex heterogeneous environments. Students will take part in extensive hands-on labs, gaining experience and improving retention of concepts and processes. The course covers remote execution, job & event management, the implementation of Salt states, SLS files and state trees, requisites and declarations, and using Jinja, Python, YAML & JSON renderers. Students will also learn how to utilize Salt grains, runners, job & event returners, the Salt pillar, event reactors, beacons, and orchestration. Practical aspects of Salt are also covered, including Salt-SSH, Salt architectures and deployment models; multi-master solutions; Salt syndic; and masterless standalone minions. By the completion of the course attendees will feel confident installing, configuring, customizing and optimizing a Salt-based solution for large-scale deployments.
This course is designed for Developers, IT and QA Staff, Technical Managers, DevOps and Build personnel.
This course is designed to provide experienced *nix operations staff with a comprehensive overview of the Salt configuration management platform.
Day 1
Salt Overview
Basic Salt Operations
States and Declarations

Day 2
Grains and Pillar
Runners and Orchestration
Events, Reactors and Returners
Beacons and Best Practices
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