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Google Cloud Administration: Google Drive and Productivity Apps

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3 Days

To ensure your success in this course, you should have experience with using a web browser, such as Google Chrome™, and using Google Apps for Work. Knowledge of domain administration terminology will be helpful, but not a requirement. You should be familiar with working in a cloud-based productivity suite, such as Google Apps.
One of the compelling benefits of using Google Apps for Work is that you can leave the server hardware management responsibilities to Google. As the administrator of a Google Apps domain, you can control the accounts, resources, and apps from a web browser interface. All of your administrative tasks can be accessed from a specialized page, or console, of dashboard controls. From this Admin console, you can perform all the necessary duties of a domain administrator without having to worry about keeping the physical hardware up and running. In this course, you will learn about creating and managing a Google Apps for Work domain. You can also use this course to prepare for the Google Apps Certified Administrator certification exam.
This course is designed for business users or IT professionals who need to set up and administer a Google Apps for Work domain by creating and managing users, sub organizations, groups, calendars, shared resources, and mobile devices. Managing mail routing and delivery, configuring Google app services, monitoring account activity and apps usage, and maintaining security are included to facilitate communication and collaboration in a secure environment.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Navigate the Google Admin console
  • Create and manage user accounts
  • Use sub organizations to manage your Google Apps for Work environment
  • Configure and implement Drive storage settings and policies
  • Manage mail delivery, routing, and filtering
  • Create groups to share mailboxes and documents, and manage permissions and roles
  • Set up and manage calendar sharing and calendar resources
  • Manage the mobile devices that access your system
  • Use Reporting tools to manage usage and security, and to troubleshoot system issues
  • Configure security and authentication policies and methods
Lesson 1: Getting Started with Google Apps Administration
Topic A: Create a Google Apps for Work Account
Topic B: Navigate the Admin Console

Lesson 2: Managing User Accounts
Topic A: Create and Modify User Accounts
Topic B: Use System Roles to Delegate Duties to Users
Topic C: Remove and Restore User Accounts
Topic D: Manage User Passwords

Lesson 3: Using Sub Organizations
Topic A: Create Sub Organizations
Topic B: Manage Google Apps Services with Sub Organizations

Lesson 4: Configuring Drive Storage and Sharing
Topic A: Configure Drive Storage Settings
Topic B: Configure Drive Sharing

Lesson 5: Managing Mail Routing, Delivery, and Filtering
Topic A: Configure Mail Routing and Delivery
Topic B: Manage Blacklists and Whitelists
Topic C: Filter Messages Based on Compliance Settings
Topic D: Migrate to Google Apps for Work Mail

Lesson 6: Working with Google Groups
Topic A: Create and Modify Groups
Topic B: Manage Group Security
Topic C: Share Content Using Groups
Topic D: Use a Collaborative Inbox

Lesson 7: Administering Calendars and Resources
Topic A: Create and Share a Group Calendar
Topic B: Delegate Calendar Access
Topic C: Create and Manage Calendar Resources

Lesson 8: Configuring and Securing Mobile Devices
Topic A: Set Up Google Apps Device Management
Topic B: Secure Mobile Devices

Lesson 9: Using Reporting Tools
Topic A: Use Admin Console Reports
Topic B: Use Audit Logs
Topic C: Troubleshoot Mail Issues

Lesson 10: Managing Domain Security and Authentication
Topic A: Manage Google Apps Domain Security
Topic B: Configure 2-Step Verification

Appendix A: Google Apps Certified Administrator Certification Exam Objectives
Appendix B: Incorporating Authentication of Your Email
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