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CCNA Certification: What and How to Study

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4 Days

  • • CCNA course TO302
  • Self-studied for exam
  • Knowledge of the OSI model, IP addressing (v4 and v6), subnetting, supernetting, CIDR, VLSM, and have experience configuring routers, switches, VLAN’s and NAT
This course provides information to help prepare candidates for Cisco’s CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Administrator) examination. Even experienced Cisco Engineers will benefit from this workshop by learning what to expect and how to prepare. A baseline assessment helps participants understand where they need to focus their time. The CCNA Certification test prep course puts this broad topic into perspective and each CCNA topic is covered. This workshop has been updated to include the latest test prep for the CCNA 200-101 exam.
This course is designed for individuals who are pursuing the Cisco Certification Network Administrator (CCNA) certification.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Measure their readiness to sit for the CCNA® exam administered by
  • Understand the requirements to qualify for certification
  • Apply test taking techniques
  • Focus their study efforts as they continue to prepare for the exam
Exam Overview
Types of Questions to Expect
What is it going to take to pass the CCNA exam? Knowing what to expect is half the battle!
How Questions are selected
The Scope of the Exam

Exam Readiness
Assessing Your Readiness: Test yourself to establish a baseline-critical to monitor your improvement. The results will help you focus on the areas that are the greatest challenge.
The Exam Experience
Establishing a Baseline
Creating a Study Plan

Key Concepts Review
Describe how a network works
Configure, verify and troubleshoot a switch with VLANs and interswitch communications
Implement an IP address scheme and IP Services to meet network requirements in a medium environment
Configure, verify, and troubleshoot basic router operation and routing on Cisco devices
Explain and select the appropriate administrative tasks required for a WLAN
Identify, verify, and troubleshoot NAT and ACLs in a medium-size Enterprise branch office
Implement and verify WAN links

Practice Test Rounds
The Final Assessment This practice test is compared to the baseline assessment and participants leave with a concrete plan for further preparation, if necessary.
Measuring Readiness
Preparing for Continuing Professional Requirements
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