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Streaming Systems with Kafka + Spark + Cassandra

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5 Days

Familiarity with either Java / Scala language and a basic understanding of Linux development environment (command line navigation / running commands).
This course will teach students on how to build streaming systems using the popular fast data stack: Apache Kafka + Apache Spark + Apache Cassandra.
This course is designed for developers and architects.

In this course, participants will learn:

  • Kafka (1 day)
  • Cassandra (1.5 days)
  • Spark (1.5 days)
  • Putting it all together (1 day)
Kafka (1 day)
Kafka design & architecture
Getting Kafka up and running
Using Kafka utilities
Reading & Writing to Kafka using Java API
Labs: all of the above sections

Cassandra (1.5 days)
Cassandra design & architecture
Read / Write path in Cassandra
C* eventual consistency
Time series data
Data modeling on C*
Using C* Java API
Labs: all of the above sections

Spark (1.5 days)
Scala primer (if required)
Spark design and architecture
Spark Shell
Spark Data structures: RDDs, Dataframes, Datasets
Batch analytics with Spark
Writing Spark applications using Spark APIs
Spark streaming
Structured streaming
Labs: all of the above sections

Putting it all together (1 day)
Reading Kafka streams from Spark
Saving streaming data from Spark into Cassandra
Full end to end application
Tuning and Optimizing the system
Labs: all of the above sections

Bring Your Own Use Case – Group Study (time permitting)
We encourage students to bring a use case they are working on at their company for discussion with the class
We will discuss the use case in the class
Discuss design choices, sketch out a few designs, and debate pros/cons of each design
Discuss best practices
This will be a group activity, and will be a lots of fun!
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