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Fast Track to Couchbase

Course Code

3 Days


3 Days

Basic data processing experience
This course will provide participants with hands on experience in a variety of Couchbase tasks. After an introduction to Couchbase concepts, the students will install a Couchbase server. We then explore the architecture and querying with N1QL. The students will learn modeling with document storage, creating a bucket, global secondary indexes, optimization and aggregation with views. We then look deeper into Couchbase tombstones, compaction, monitoring, backup and restore, then finish with high availability techniques.
This course is designed for administrators, data analysts or programmers who want to learn about Couchbase.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Install a Couchbase server
  • Model with document storage
  • Create a bucket
1. Introduction to Couchbase
2. Installation
3. Couchbase Architecture
4. Querying/Indexing with N1QL
5. Modeling Documents
6. Complex Queries
7. Creating a Bucket
8. Storage Engine
9. N1QL Query Engine
10. Global Secondary Indexing
11. Optimizing N1QL
12. Aggregations with Views
13. Migrating Queries to N1QL
14. Tombstones and Compaction
15. Ejection, Eviction and Working Set Management
16. Monitoring
17. Backup and Restore
18. High Availability
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