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EFK Stack

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3 Days

Each participant must provide their own laptop with the ability to run a 64 bit virtual machine. Unconstrained internet access is also required to complete the labs.
This intensive three-day hands-on course is designed to help working technology professionals master the essential aspects and operations of the EFK stack. The course covers all of the key concepts necessary to deploy and use a production EFK stack solution.

Participants will learn how to integrate data from a myriad of sources, including application containers, using the fluentd data collection and filtering engine. The course goes on to detail the process of aggregating and analyzing real time data using Elasticsearch’s highly available schema-less platform. Participants will then gain experience with the integrated Kibana data visualization solution.

The course includes 12 hands-on labs to give students practical experience with each element of the EFK stack. Participants will leave with a clear understanding of the EFK stack and how to use it to extract high value data insights over large scale streaming data sets in real time.
This course is designed for Developers, IT and QA Staff, Technical Managers and DevOps personnel.

In this course, participants will:

  • Gain a comprehensive introduction to the Elasticsearch, fluentd, Kibana (EFK) opensource log management, real-time analytics and data visualization platform.
  • Be prepared to begin designing, building and working with EFK stack solutions.
Day 1
EFK Overview and fluentd
EFK stack overview
Installing & configuring fluentd
fluentd inputs & filtering
Formatting & buffering fluentd outputs -

Day 2 - Elasticsearch
Installing & configuring Elasticsearch
Queries & the Elasticsearch DSL
Analyzers, mappings & indexes
Suggestions, Suggestors, Aggregations & Document Modeling

Day 3 - Kibana and EFK Summary
Kibana installation & configuration
Exploring Elasticsearch indexes with Kibana
Data visualization, dashboards & discovery
EFK, putting it all together
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