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Big Data

Data Scientist Upskilling

This course provides Data Analysts an outline to upskill into a Data Scientist.

ELK Stack

Participants will learn how to integrate data from a myriad of sources, including application containers, using the logstash data collection and filtering engine.

Streaming Systems With Kafka, Spark & Cassandra

Learn how to build streaming systems using the popular fast data stack through Kafka, Spark and Cassandra.


Attendees will gain a clear understanding of Elasticsearch and how to use it to extract high value data insights over large scale streaming datasets in realtime.

Big Data Essentials for QA & Testing

This course is designed for individuals who are QA and testers with programming experience. You will learn hadoop based software and testing methods.

Hadoop Developer Essentials Course

This course provides Java programmers a deep-dive into Hadoop application development. Get more details here.

Cassandra Training Course

The course provides a solid foundation in the architecture and data model of Cassandra and how database admins and developers can work with it.

Intro to Big Data & NoSQL

This course is an introduction to Big Data and NoSQL that will cover the fundamental concepts and methods to reinforce theoretical knowledge.

NoSQL Architecture Training Course

This training will help attendees understand the challenges of Big Data and identify cases for NoSQL systems such as Hive, Cassandra and MongoDB.

Data Science For Solution Architects

This intensive training course for teams or solution/information architects provides theoretical and technical aspects of data science and analytics.