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Scaling Agile

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1 Day

Understanding of Agile principles and experience with Agile practices.
This course provides the opportunity for IT and Business professionals working in a multi-team environment to learn more about how Agile / Lean practices can help to improve their planning, estimating, team coordination and release processes. A number of approaches for scaling agile will be discussed along with common underlying scaling factors. These approaches will address the entire software development lifecycle from the “Work Intake” process to “Code Release” to production. Finally, the question of “How to Deploy” a scaling approach will be addressed. In this section of the course scaling best practices, impediments and common challenges will be covered to help the student get their scaling scrum initiative started successfully.
This course is designed for Process Architects and any Agile team members who will be involved in an initiative to scale Agile.This includes: Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Process Owners, Product Managers, Program Managers, Portfolio Managers, PMO staff, IT Management, and Business.
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Explain what scaling scrum is
  • Identify how scaling scrum fits into their current development environment
  • Decide on appropriate practices and methods to adopt for their scaling approach
Agile Mindset (Review of the Agile Mindset)
Scrum, What Is It? (Describe Scrum)
Does Scrum Scale? (Describe Agile scaling)
Scaling Factors? (Identify the main scaling factors)
Roles and Responsibilities (Review the main roles and responisbilities)
Distributed Teams (Describe distributed teams and their function)
Scrum scaling approaches (Identify existing scrum scaling approaches)
Scaling practices (Identify practices that can be deployed)
Scrum Tools that Scale (Identify tools that support scaling)
Scaling Scrum Deployment Approaches (Move from a non-scaled environment to a scaled environment)
Six Scrum Scaling Deployment Practices (Review different deployment practices to better understand Scrum deployment approaches)
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