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Phoenix Project DevOps Simulation

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1 Day

Optional: Suggested Reading – Kim, G., Behr, K., & Spafford, K. (2014). The Phoenix Project: A novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win. IT Revolution.
The Phoenix Project DevOps business simulation is an interactive learning activity focused on learning by doing as a group of students participate in a challenging, realistic context focusing on how Dev and Ops teams deal with business projects and issues. This one-day simulation is for organizations who want to adopt DevOps: realizing a lifecycle perspective built upon an enhanced culture focused on learning, communicating, collaborating, integrating, measuring and thus, realizing faster and error-free deployments of new IT Solutions.
This simulation is targeted at all roles and employees in Business, IT Development and IT Operations who want to apply Lean, Agile and ITSM principles to improve the performance of their IT Services or to create more value out of their IT Solutions. Recommended audience size is 8-12 participants.

In this course, participants will:

  • Apply DevOps principles in a real life situation
  • Find the right balance between delivering your SLA requirements and your
  • IT Projects according to plan
  • Experience how DevOps can bring serious value to your business
  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your IT Department
  • Create better flow in your teams
  • Develop people’s skills to act in a DevOps environment
  • Show businesses their responsibilities in making IT Projects more successful
Faster and reliable deployment
How to create a new culture
Better collaboration between Dev and Ops
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