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Leading the Agile Enterprise

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1 Day

Ability to describe Agile basics including:

  • Agile Manifesto including Agile Values and Principles (
  • Scrum Guide (
There’s a growing chasm between those who can quickly respond to change, innovate at scale and leverage Information Technology (IT) as a competitive differentiator, and those that cannot. Successfully making the leap is a challenge, requiring an organization to transform its culture, enhance business-IT alignment, and adopt Agile across the enterprise. In such a transformation, leadership is critical. Traditional leadership practices must be radically changed to succeed as an Agile Enterprise. During this course, participants will learn about the obstacles, challenges and pitfalls that lay ahead. They will learn about strategies and techniques to overcome these challenges. And, in completing the course, participants will become better leaders of thought and action in driving organizational change and enabling their teams to thrive.

This course includes a combination of lecture, discussions, and exercises.
This course is designed for leaders about to begin or currently invested in an Agile transformation.

In this course, participants will:

  • Assess the organization to identify Agile capabilities and transformation barriers
  • Apply approaches to align Business and IT
  • Discuss an organizational design framework for building an Agile culture
  • Learn leadership approaches to delivering business outcomes
  • List, describe, and select tactics that quickly generate momentum in your Agile transformation
  • Apply an Agile mindset when transforming the enterprise
The Agile Enterprise: Think Big
Reasons for Adopting Agile
Exercise: Lean and Agile Thinking
Agile Beyond Scrum
The Role of Leaders
Agile Beyond the Team, the Basic Roles, and the Layers
Exercise: Agile Assessment

Business Value: How Do You Know it’s Valuable?
Exercise: What is Business Value?
Business IT-Alignment
Defining Business Value
Goals and Impacts
Impact Mapping
Which Deliverables?
Earn or Learn!
Small Batches
Exercise: Impact Mapping

Creating an Agile Culture: What’s Possible in Your Organization?
Organizational Culture Assessment
Culture and Agile Alignment
Leading Cultural Change
Current State? Future State?

Lead Different: Developing Agile Leaders
Agile Lingo
Leadership Styles
Exercise: Self Reflection
10 Things Agile Leaders Should Do Differently
Exercise: Delegation Game

Getting Tactical: Generate Momentum with Tactics
Selecting Tactics
Learn from Peers
Exercise: Tactics to Reach Goals
Remember to Measure

Moving Toward Your Vision: How Do We Get From Our Current State to Our Future State?
Confronting Current Reality
Exercise: Review and Prioritize the Backlog
Shu Ha Ri
Introducing LEAP4Agility
Exercise: Remember the Future

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